Desktop size CNC router "Komar"

Best small sized CNC router for hobbyist with maximum capabilities.

Great variety of applications for your projects

Look at just a few resault achived on "Komar"

All components of "Komar" are produced on modern metalworking CNC equipment

This eliminates hand-tuning in assembly process and guarantee high quality of "Komar"1


Essential features

Desktop CNC engraving machine “Коmаr” combines features of professional and hobby machines. It has small size and weight, so it can be used at any workshops, laboratories and institutes.


Komar photo

The machine can be used in many spheres, such as production of stamps, prints, packaging, wrapping, souvenir and advertisement manufacturing, decoration, printing plates, to engrave plastics, plexiglas, etc.

“Komar” is appropriate for a hobby, if you want to make these at home or your garage: small replicas of aircrafts, vehicles, vessels, plan-relief, architecture and other scale models, small gear-wheels, details, souvenirs, badges, labels, trinkets, pendants, etc.



The machine can egrave and mill high variety materials: wood, plastic, Plexiglas, double-coloured ABS, PVC, fabric-based laminate, bronze, copper, aluminum and other soft materials.


production6 production7 production8

The machine was designed and manufactured by InStankoService on it’s own production facility. The machine base is composed of 20mm thick aluminium sheet. All parts of the machine are manufactured by modern metalworking CNC machines. During the production cycle we control the manufacturing of assemblies and quality of build procedure of the machine. After the cycle is over our engineers fulfill the test diagnostic.

Technical data and price

komar_300 komar_800 komar_1000




Travelling area 400 × 300 × 100 mm 400 × 300 × 100 mm 400 × 300 × 100 mm
Transmission XYZ ball screw ball screw ball screw
Table structure HDPVC HDPVC HDPVC
Spindle speed 11000 rpm 24000 rpm 24000 rpm
Spindle power 300 Wt 800 Wt 1000 Wt
Max. feed 6 m/min 6 m/min 6 m/min
Motors Stepper motors Stepper motors Stepper motors
Working voltage ~ 220В / 50 Hz ~ 220В / 50 Hz ~ 220В / 50 Hz
Net weight 47 Kg 50 Kg 52 Kg


$ 2600

$ 2900

$ 3600

Options and accessories

  • Rotary axis
  • Machine vice
  • Set of endmills
  • Set of collets
  • Lubricoolant system

Payment and shipment

You can pay for the ordered machine in the following ways:

  • via Privat24;
  • bank transfer via Kontakt or Zolotaya Korona (there is commission for the transfer accordant with bank’s tariff);
  • non-cash transaction for legal entities;

Shipment in Ukraine is provided by “Novaya poshta”, its shipping fee is set by “Novaya poshta”. You should give us your surname, name, telephone number and the number of the closest “Novaya poshta” warehouse.

Delivery time is 1-2 days.

International shipping is delivered by DHL, TNT, EMS.
For shipment cost tell us country and city.

Contact information


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